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Environment, Health and Safety

China’s Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces have helped spur the nation’s economic miracle and remain powerful engines of growth, combining to generate over 20 percent of China’s gross domestic product. At the same time, the provinces face frequent energy shortages and deteriorating environmental conditions.

The Chinese government has set ambitious environmental, health and safety targets as well as standards for energy use and intensity. However, due to the large number of factories—especially small and medium-sized enterprises—compliance with these regulations in Guangdong and Jiangsu lags behind that of other regions, presenting a compliance challenge for multinational supply chains.

The Environment, Health and Safety Academy

In order to help boost compliance, ISC launched the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Academy, which is expanding the pool of qualified EHS managers serving factories in Guangdong and Jiangsu.

Located at Lingnan (University) College in Guangzhou and Nanjing University in Jiangsu, the EHS Academy marks the first time that Chinese and U.S. experts from major brands have joined together to create world-class, independent, Chinese-owned and Chinese-staffed EHS training centers. The academy has drawn praise from both President Bill Clinton and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

Through affordable and convenient training sessions, managers are learning to apply international best practices in EHS management; enabling their companies to increase compliance with Chinese and international standards; decrease workflow interruptions due to injury; lower energy consumption; protect local environments; and reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.

These initiatives help companies improve worker performance and product quality, lower operating costs, decrease the risk of fines, and provide a competitive advantage in the global marketplace as well as decrease overall enterprise risk.

In 2009 the Guangdong Bureau of Labor and Social Security officially endorsed the Academy and is working with Academy experts to develop China’s first professional, government-sanctioned EHS certification protocols. It will be rolled out nationally in 2011.

The EHS Academy in Guangdong has trained 3,500 managers in its first 18 months. Once both Academies are fully operational they will train at least 4,000 managers every year, ensuring that the Academy will serve as a vital source of EHS leadership and expertise in China well into the future.

The objective of the EHS Academy is to build the capacity of Chinese practitioners to meet and exceed the international standards demanded by multinational brands and contribute to the development of future standards. A core group of highly qualified Chinese and international master trainers oversee continual curriculum development, in-step with Chinese EHS regulatory policy as well as mentoring Academy instructors.

The Academy offers an affordable, flexible courses in three successive tiers of complexity. The curriculum is organized into modules 2-4 days in length to accommodate the schedules and demands of working managers. Core courses include:

  • Foundation Courses
    • EHS as a Management System: Value & Overview
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Hazard Recognition & Risk Assessment

  • Skill-Building Courses
    • Clean Production
    • Job Safety Analysis
    • EHS Inspections & Audits
    • Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
    • Business & Energy Management
    • Energy Efficiency & Energy Management
    • Greenhouse Gas Accounting & Management

  • Capstone Courses
    • Management of Change & Preventive Maintenance
    • Project Management for Solving EHS Issues
    • Making the Business Case for Good EHS Practice

Course fees are highly competitive, ranging in cost from RMB400 to RMB2000 depending on length and composition. The Academy offers all of the above courses and others on a rolling basis. For further information or to register for courses, visit, or send emails to or for more information.

ISC is actively seeking partnerships to further enhance the robust curriculum and potentially expand the demonstrated success of the EHS Academy concept to new regions and industries. For information on how your organization can play a role in future development please contact Matthew DeGroot at

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