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India’s Low Carbon Future

Months after negotiators from nearly every nation on Earth successfully reached a promising—potentially transformational—international climate deal at COP21, countries must now meet the challenge of delivering concrete and measurable results to achieve their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). With climate justice at its core, India’s INDC outlines specific mitigation, adaption and funding approaches to fulfill its COP21 commitments.


India’s drive towards greener development demands sustained innovation, political will and an immense coordinated action from a variety of stakeholders from the public and private sectors.


In Hyderabad this June, join international experts and practitioners, environmental NGOs, in-country development organizations, finance experts, Indian companies and philanthropic organizations as well as India’s top national and state decision-makers to explore India’s key climate change issues and opportunities in light of India’s Paris commitments.


By attending The Future is Now, you will develop an enhanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities India faces as it strives to meet its INDCs. You will have a seat at the table with influential Indian decision-makers, as conference participants share promising approaches to low carbon development; analyze successful green development examples from U.S. and Indian experts, explore climate funding mechanisms and develop innovative and constructive networking opportunities that will benefit you—and the field—well beyond the end of the conference.


Attendees will also be eligible to make on-site pitches for a $10,000 grant to advance their work in sustainable development.

Workshop Topics:

  1. Promotion of Renewable/Clean Energy in India.
  2. Promotion Energy Efficiency in India.
  3. Climate Change Finance Mechanisms.
  4. Forestry, Reforestation and Carbon Sinks.
  5. Water Resource Management and Climate Change.
  6. Transportation Alternatives and Air Pollution.
  7. Small Grant Competition.


Applications to the event are now closed. Please contact Anna Casey for more information.

Who Will Be There?

U.S. and Regional – Environmental practitioners, energy and waste management experts, urban planners, DRR professionals, INGOs, think tanks, academics, bilaterals and foundations.


National – National, state and municipal-level government officials, private sector, bilaterals and foundations, research institutions, academics, NGOs, civil society and activists.


While the cost to attend the event is free, all attendees will be responsible for their own travel, meals, rooms and expenses.

The agenda and speakers list are still under development and is meant for illustrative purposes only.

View the The Future is Now schedule & directory.

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