Puget Sound Regional Climate Preparedness Collaborative

The Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest spans several counties and large municipalities, including Seattle and Tacoma, and is home to nearly four million people. It’s also home to the Port of Seattle, the fourth-largest container gateway in North America. The many estuaries, rivers and tributaries that characterize this resource-rich region also expose its residents to increased climate-related risks, such as sea level rise, landslides and flooding. Along with these threats, the transportation needs of a diverse and growing population are straining the region’s aging infrastructure, creating a need for development that emphasizes both social equity and regional climate resilience.


Through funding from the Bullitt Foundation and the Kresge Foundation, ISC is supporting the development of the Puget Sound Regional Climate Preparedness Collaborative, a network of local governments, organizations and professionals seeking to address regional climate risks by incorporating climate preparedness into long-term regional planning. Led by the Puget Sound Regional Council, the collaborative coordinates across jurisdictions to prepare for the impact of climate change on infrastructure, emergency response, public health and economic development.


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