Partnership for Resilient Communities



In partnership with community-based organizations, we’re supporting locally-driven urban resilience projects that benefit underserved neighborhoods.


Across the country, a range of economic and environmental disruptions, from more frequent and intense weather events to job losses and housing foreclosures, are wreaking havoc on infrastructure, economies and people. Efforts to build community resilience – to implement projects and strategies that enable communities to bounce back quickly and to even “bounce forward” to improved environmental, social and economic health and wellbeing – are emerging across the country.


Community-based organizations have a critical role to play in planning and implementing such projects, ensuring that they are rooted in a community definition of resilience that meets the needs of residents, especially the most vulnerable members. Through the Partnership for Resilient Communities, ISC works to support and strengthen the participating organizations in shaping and leading community resilience-building initiatives.


After a competitive proposal process, ISC chose two action-oriented, civically-connected organizations with thoughtful projects that will deeply impact their city’s most underserved neighborhoods. ISC will work with Living Classrooms Foundation of Baltimore and Eastside Community Network of Detroit. Each organization will enter this three-year, intensive capacity-building program receiving technical assistance, access to a network of peer organizations, and a $250,000 grant to implement projects on stormwater management and clean energy. Overall, the program’s goals are to both  advance social equity and develop a series of technical approaches  that can be documented and disseminated to benefit other vulnerable communities, committed organizations and local leaders across the nation.



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