In the News: EHS+ Centers

Posted by Liz Schlegel
on February 11, 2014

ISC was recently featured in Bloomberg BNA for helping multinational corporations improve the sustainability of their supply chains with our EHS+ Centers. 

The Bloomberg article quoted ISC President George Hamilton, ISC Asia Program Director Matthew DeGroot, and GE’s Ann Condon, a key partner in developing our EHS+ Centers in China. The article detailed our unique EHS+ approach for greening supply chains: building public-private partnerships, collaborating with local organizations, and creating a “cultural shift” within the factories:

[T]he [EHS+ Center] focuses on preparing managers to prevent EHS issues from arising, rather than just reacting to them, which is often what happens after facility audits or assessments conducted by companies. “People have to get on board to create a cultural shift within a factory towards more sustainable management of EHS factors,” Hamilton said. “It’s not the line workers or the owners, but the managers in between, because we think they’ll have the most ability to get the job done.”

The article also mentioned the expansion of our EHS+ Network to include training Centers in India and Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Since the 2009 establishment of the academy in Guangdong, the ISC has launched similar academies in Jiangsu, China, as well as in Bangladesh and most recently in India. Wal-Mart was a founding partner of the Bangladesh academy, which will focus on fire safety and building safety training in the wake of the catastrophic Dhaka garment factory collapse in April 2013, which killed more than 1,100 workers. The company is collaborating with ISC on curriculum development and encouraging its suppliers to participate in the program.

Read the article here: Big Companies Step Up Efforts to Trim Environmental Risks in Supply Chains – Bloomberg BNA 2-7-14


Photo: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg