How We've Helped

Harvard Bridge

Building Bridges for Energy Efficiency

At the Green Boot Camp organized by ISC and Living Cities, local leaders had the opportunity to focus and take time away from their usual routine. For many cities, this opportunity became course-changing. The breakthrough experienced by Val Jensen and his colleagues from Chicago is one such example.


Oyster Reef Restoration

Creating New Economic Opportunity on the Gulf Coast

ISC launched the Gulf Coast Sustainable Economies Leadership Academy to help smaller, primarily low-income communities explore how energy efficiency, renewable energy, and ecological restoration can revitalize their economies. 20 communities from across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana sent teams to the Academy.

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Food & Clothing Life Cycles

The Life Cycles of Food and Clothing

To help primary school students understand how they can make a difference in their daily lives, ISC added two lessons to our Education for Sustainable Development curriculum: a food education workshop, which helps students understand the life cycle of the food they eat; and a clothing campaign, to illuminate the environmental impacts of producing and buying new clothes.

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Lasting Change

Creating Lasting Change in Kosovo

In spring 2011, the civil sector in Kosovo celebrated its many successes, drawing public attention to the ways in which local civil society organizations are working to achieve a healthier environment, more responsive government, opportunities for youth, and a more peaceful nation. 

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Urban Miners

Urban Miners: Roma Scrap Collectors Press for Recognition

Scrap collectors in Serbia—long looked down upon by the rest of society—are banding together to earn better wages, work under safer conditions, and find dignity in their work. Their efforts play a crucial role in keeping recyclables out of landfills, and serve as as a source of income for many of the poorest populations, particularly Roma.

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Xav Briggs, White House Office of Management & Budget

Prosperity, Equity and Sustainability: Transforming Regional Development

At the Sustainable Communities Boot Camp, ISC brought together nearly 150 people—including senior officials from 13 U.S. regions and the Obama administration—to help develop new regional development approaches that integrate social, economic, and environmental priorities.


China Green Roofs

Green Roof Retrofits: Lowering Temperatures and Reducing Emissions in China

ISC's pilot green roof project is retrofitting 60 residential buildings in the community of Guanlan, in Guangdong's Shenzen city. Together, these buildings will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75 metric tons every year.

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Adaptation CLA

“Win-Win” Solutions for Climate Adaptation & Resilience

Climate adaptation is a complex challenge: it requires resources, long-term thinking, action and leadership across sectors and jurisdictions. ISC's fourth U.S. Climate Leadership Academy helped 16 city and regional teams confront the challenge by developing strategies to become more healthy, resilient, and prosperous as they confront the local effects of climate disruption.


Eco Movement

Launching Kosovo's EcoMovement

EcoMovement is the first grassroots, community-based network in Kosovo that can address environmental issues and challenges on a national level. Utilizing hands-on approaches such as park and river clean-ups, as well as hiking and cycling tours that promote alternatives to automobiles, the network is helping ordinary citizens see the local, tangible impacts of their environmental protection efforts.

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China CLA

Developing Low Carbon Cities in China

ISC held its first two Climate Leadership Academies in China, one in each of the country’s most industrialized provinces, Guangdong and Jiangsu. The trainings focused on low carbon city planning and development, and brought together senior municipal officials and other local leaders from 18 cities to help them create low carbon action plans.


Green Jobs CLA

Building the “Next American Economy”

Our third Climate Leadership Academy focused on helping cities and regions across the country ramp up their efforts to develop clean energy economies and create green jobs. Senior officials and community leaders from 15 U.S. cities were in attendance.



Shaping Macedonia’s Future

In Spring 2010, ISC celebrated 15 years in Macedonia by completing a five-year project that helped make Macedonia’s civil society—the nonprofit sector—a more effective, influential, and permanent partner alongside government and businesses in shaping the country today and in the future.

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Doumen Workshop

In China, the Next Generation Takes on Climate Change

In the town of Doumen, Guangdong Province, more than 400 primary school students attended an evening workshop celebrating energy efficiency along with their families, teachers and fellow community members. The workshop featured dancing, games, videos, and displays of student projects—all aimed at helping community members understand the impact of their individual energy choices.

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Rebuilding Sustainably on the Gulf Coast

The third meeting of ISC's Gulf Coast Sustainable Communities Network focused on helping communities utilize creative strategies to rebuild their neighborhoods and organizations sustainably. The meeting took place in the historic Holy Cross District of New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, which local advocates and organizations are transforming into a model for Gulf Coast communities looking to make themselves stronger than they were before Hurricane Katrina.

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Chicago CLA

Paving the Way for Green Transportation

ISC's second Climate Leadership Academy focused on transportation efficiency, smart growth and urban development. It brought together teams of senior municipal, regional and state officials from 16 metropolitan areas around the country to tackle transportation-related carbon emissions, which are responsible for nearly a third of all greenhouse gas emissions nationwide.


Kosovo Summer Youth Leadership Academy

Young Kosovars Reach for the Future

23 young Kosovars attended the Kosovo Summer Youth Leadership Academy, a unique residential program for high school students who are dedicated to improving the lives of their peers in Europe's youngest country. The academy brought together a regionally and ethnically diverse mix of Kosovo’s youth, and helped prepare them to be effective leaders and agents of change in their home country.


Green Boot Camp

The Green Boot Camp

Together with Living Cities, ISC organized a Green Boot Camp at Harvard's Kennedy School—an intensive training and peer-learning program for senior climate, energy and economic development officials from 16 U.S. cities. City leaders rolled up their sleeves to save energy and create green jobs, focusing on promising practices for improving, accelerating, and scaling up integrated building energy retrofits. The boot camp is part of ISC's Climate Leadership Academy.


Nishinomiya, Japan

Environmental Educators Get Fresh Ideas

Educators from the U.S. and China traveled to Nishinomiya, Japan for a study exchange to learn about implementing school-based environmental programs, and how those programs can support energy efficiency in the broader community.

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Rebuilding After the Sichuan Earthquake

ISC is helping people in Sichuan use the devastating 2008 earthquake as an opportunity to rebuild thoughtfully and sustainably, explore ways they can live and work in better harmony with their natural surroundings, use fewer resources, and build healthier and more resilient communities for future generations.

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Green List

Serbia's Green List

Twelve nonprofits in Serbia band together with businesses, festival organizers, and even the Army to turn the tide on illegal dumping and inspire environmental awareness.

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Moss Point

Two Years After Katrina

FOCUS, a new community organization in Moss Point plays the critical role of uniting the community and connecting citizens. Their vision? A resilient Moss Point that can thrive in the face of future challenges.

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Business Leaders Forum

The Business Leaders Forum: Companies Pioneer Corporate Social Responsibility in Serbia

Company executives from across Serbia came together to launch a Business Leaders Forum that will stimulate socially responsible practice among companies in Serbia, supporting and encouraging companies—and their employees—to contribute to social and environmental causes as part of their everyday operations.

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Moss Point

Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Like its neighbors along the Gulf Coast, the city of Moss Point, Mississippi suffered tremendous devastation during Hurricane Katrina. Today, ISC is helping city officials become stronger leaders, a fledgling nonprofit grow to better serve its community, and the city's poorest neighborhoods—severely flooded by Katrina—engage in the rebuilding process.

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Nizhnii Tagil

Saving Energy, Improving Lives

Our locally based approach to energy efficiency in Russia is yielding dramatic drops in CO2 and saving millions of rubles—proving that what is good for the climate is good for the community.

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Nizhnii Tagil

Clean Air, Healthy Children

The Russian city of Nizhnii Tagil straddles the border where Europe ends and Asia begins. Like many places where ISC works, it also marks the dividing line between a toxic past and a sustainable future.

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